Our October 29th meetup: Clay Braxton On The UX of Trust, and How Blockchain Might Help by Benjamin Watson

Trust. It's something built over time, something abstract, subjective, and informal, varying from person to person. Modern technology is capitalizing on this core value, and beginning to define how it shows up through our computer interactions. Led by new advancements in social and AI, Blockchain promises trustworthy transactions, and is now front and center, having hit consumers where they care most — their pocketbooks. Talk with some of IBM’s experts in designing to protect businesses and consumers in this new frontier.

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Our September 7th meetup: Josef Spjut On Augmented Reality User Experience — The Encroaching Future by Sha Liao

As augmented reality (AR) moves from prototype to product, we need to begin thinking about how we can integrate AR into our daily lives. If done poorly, AR has the potential to bring severe distraction and removal from the real world alongside the many potential benefits. Josef will present a few early prototype applications designed to reduce distraction, including AR for wayfinding, augmented online shopping, and ideas for annotating the world around us.

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