Our November 17th meetup: Steven King — Emerging technologies for public storytelling / by Benjamin Watson

Steven King , Asst Prof UNC School of Media & Journalism   @steven_king

Steven King, Asst Prof UNC School of Media & Journalism


Emerging technologies for public storytelling — Friday November 17th 3PM @ Hunt

How is storytelling changing, as the technologies for delivering stories change so rapidly? How should technology change, as it becomes so deeply intertwined with storytelling? Steven King is a practitioner and researcher at the forefront of these trends. He will present several of his own multidisciplinary pieces, and then sit down with us to discuss the questions they raise in more depth.

Please bring your questions to the meetup!

Steven is an assistant professor of Interactive and Multimedia at UNC’s School of Media and Journalism, and a former editor of innovations at The Washington Post. He combines computer science concepts, human-centered design and storytelling to create new ways to present information through emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive data-driven graphics.

As always with our meetups, this is not a "sit back and listen" meeting, but a chance for us to bring together a cross disciplinary group of people to think about the relationship between UX, technology, and design. Mostly though, we'll get to know one another, and have some fun. If you'll come, please RSVP!