NexUX meetup podcast: Jay Dawkins by Benjamin Watson

In this bootlegged recording of our December 8thmeetup, Jay Dawkins, the CEO of PublicInput.comand CityZen, spoke about how technology is shaping participatory democracy. Jay Dawkins is a transportation engineer turned civic tech entrepreneur. helps residents participate in shaping their cities, where things are still getting done. CityZen helps public agencies use social media and news websites to engage more residents online. Jay is on Twitter at @dawkinsjay.

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NexUX meetup podcast: Steven King by Benjamin Watson

In this bootleg recording of our our November 17th meetup with Steven King, we learned about emerging technologies for storytelling. Steven is an assistant professor of Interactive and Multimedia at UNC’s School of Media and Journalism, and a former editor of innovations at The Washington Post. He combines technology, human-centered design, and storytelling to create new ways to present information through virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive data-driven graphics. Steven is on Twitter at @steven_king.

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NexUX people: Emil Polyak by Benjamin Watson

We meet artist and Professor Emil Polyak. Emil trained in telecommunication engineering in Hungary, then switched to design. His career has taken him from eastern Europe to Australasia and now, to North Carolina. His work reintroduces creativity and play into our lives. Confront your limitations he says, and never stop learning. (9 mins)

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