Our Oct 21 meetup: Pat Fitzgerald of NCSU — Interactive technology experience / by Benjamin Watson

Pat has been creating interactive technology experiences for years. Collaborating closely with Lee Cherry at the College of Design's Advanced Media Lab, he has created installations for the national yearly art exhibition at ACM SIGGRAPH, the NC Museum of Art, and Raleigh's Contemporary Art Museum — among many others. Pat is a nexUX leader, working deeply at the intersection of art, technology and emotion.

At this meetup, Pat will show us some of this prior work, and then engage us in a conversation about a new project he is engaged in called Recognition, a unique quiz game with a highly visual mechanic. We'll brainstorm about what makes interactive experiences like these compelling, and how we might apply those thoughts to Recognition.

As usual, this is not a "sit back and listen" meeting, but a chance for us to bring together a cross disciplinary group of people to discuss our own memorable interactive experiences, what gave them such impact, and how we might create such experiences in the future.

If you're coming, please RSVP!